Save a life! At Posterity Productions, we record and save the life stories of people for posterity.

Imagine if you had videos of your great grandparents telling their life stories—what a treasure that would be!

Imagine your descendants not just having your life story, but being able to experience how you talk and move.

We keep it simple, by dividing the interview into several sessions, each 60-90 minutes long.

We follow a general chronological order to tell your story:

  • Ancestors and their origins
  • Immediate forebears as you remember them
  • Your early life, childhood, young adulthood, and maturity
  • What you did, whom you knew, and how you felt about the world
  • Descendents - General views of life and the world you’ve experienced
  • Sharing the wisdom you’ve gained with future viewers

When the interview is finished, we will save it in whatever format you wish — DVDs, flash drives, and online storage are the most common ones.

THE PRIVACY OF YOUR INTERVIEW IS PARAMOUNT! No one will have access to the recording except whoever you designate.

We’ll also show you how to share the video as you’d like, with family, friends, or anyone else you think might be interested.

Don’t wait until it’s too late — preserve a life now!


We are passionate about helping people make their lives, and the documents of their lives, available to others, including future generations. To do so, we also provide these services:

  • Help with sorting and organizing photographs, in whatever format they’re in, including mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Assisting with the conversion of your photographs, motion picture film, videotapes, etc. into digital format
  • Advising you on what online photo storing and sharing service(s) are best for you
  • BACKING UP your precious digital files so they won’t be lost in case of disaster

Let us help you with all your posterity needs!

Email us or call us at 512-914-0538. Thank you!

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